These cables are specially designed Optimal Data Transmission of Digital and Analogue Signals for :


    a) Control Systems including Process Control.

    b) Power Electronics.

    c) Information Processing in Computers.


The range of operation is normally upto 20 kHz (extendable as required upto 1 MHz) and transmission Speeds of 200 K bits/sec. to 400 K bits/sec.

    The main features of these cables are:


    a) Small overall size,

    b) High flexibility Lower bend radius,

    c) Low interference between adjacent circuits.

    d) Disturbance free transmission even in an environment with electromagnetic interference.

    e) Attenuation good Cross talk values.

    f) Available for high temperature, damp and direct burial applications.


    The general construction of these cables are:


    1) Solid/Stranded Copper Conductor.

    2) PVC / PE Insulation ( PTFE Insulation as an option)

    3) Cores laid up, or

    4) Twisted in pairs

    5) Pairs laid up

    6) Mylar Tape Wrap

    7) Shielding with, either

                a) Copper Wire Braid, or

                b) Poly Aluminium Tape with drain wire,

        Shielding of:

                i) Individual pairs, and/or

                ii) Overall

    8) Optional Outer Wrap

    9) Inner Sheath where required

    10) G.I. Wire Armour /Braid where required

    11) Overall Outer Jacket


    Depending upon requirements the cables would be:


    Solid  Conductor                     Multi-core                     Shielded                         Armoured

            OR                 &                 OR             &               OR                &               OR

        Stranded                             Multi-pair                     Unshielded                     Unarmoured


    All possible combinations of the above are in use keeping in mind the particular requirements.


The exact requirements for any application can be designed and specified. We are however giving details of some cables as a ready reference. Please note that we are in a position to offer cables as per customer requirements.